RoboRun 2.1 running with CrossOver on Linux

2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #29535326 by skelmir
Using CrossOver Linux 20.0.2 running on Ubuntu 20.04. Works almost perfectly ...

Create a Windows 7 bottle
Install .NET 4.5.2
Install Visual Studio C++ 6.0 Redistributable (needed because the Strip.ocx component needs mfc42.dll)
Install RoboRun Plus

CrossOver will complain that the Visual Sutdio C++ 6.0 Redistributable isn't compatible with Windows 7, but it works fine for RoboRun.

The only problem is "Load from Controller" hangs. As long as you don't load from controller all other functions seem to be fine (ok I didn't try to update the firmware). You can load/save from/to a file. Use the "Run" and "Console" tabs.  The scripting tab allows you to compile and upload scripts as well as inspect variables. The way I use it is I saved my profile previously on the Windows version and I load that from disk in the CrossOver version. Make any changes I want/need and "Save to Controller". 

Seems like possibly a low-hanging fruit type of problem if Roboteq was interested in a Linux version of Roborun.

Using socat on Linux and TCP in Roborun I was able to confirm that both the Windows version (running in VMWare) and the CrossOver version read the same data from the controller.

If anybody wants to try this I recommend creating a udev rule for your Roboteq controller.

Create the following file:

------------------------ INSERT BELOW
SUBSYSTEM=="tty", ATTRS{idVendor}=="20d2", ATTRS{idProduct}=="5740", ATTRS{serial}=="SBL2XXX", SYMLINK+="RoboteqSBL2360"

Then run
udevadm trigger

This will create a symbolic link in your /dev directory so the controller becomes
instead of just
Then you can setup your CrossOver com1 port to point to /dev/RoboteqSBL2360 by using Regedit and adding a string key in
Com1   REG_SZ   /dev/RoboteqSBL2360

RoboRun will find your controller without the udev rule. The "Auto" mode is just sluggish because CrossOver reports so many serial ports that Roborun tries to scan.


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