Extreme Potions are very true to their name

8 months 1 day ago #29535502 by Weiveisamrt
Extreme Potions are very true to their name, and  RS gold we don’t need any more powerful. I think this will not be raised. It could be possible to add Saradomin Elixir which is Saradomin brew and something else. It has no effect on stats and heals more than Saradomin brew.

There is no need to raise funds, because there isn't anything to fill it. Oh my! Jagex could be forgiven, and I could be impressed, applaud Jagex's raising Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning up to 120 to include more content. However, melee isn't  buy OSRS gold sufficient, and Jagex will need to increase Magic and Rangeing. What are your thoughts? Do you think Jagex increase the limit on other skills? Should they?


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