Roborun + Rev2.2 Beta console command problem

1 year 8 months ago #29536161 by Raam

I have a SBLMG2360T motor driver and am using Roborun+ Rev2.2 Beta software.

If I send a speed command using the slider on the "Run" tab the motor is working properly, but if I send the command manually using "Console" tab (for example "!S 1 0100") it won't work.
Additionally, if I set the speed using the slide(the motor spins), and then click on the "Console" (Or "Diagnostic") tab the motor stops.
What could be the problem?

Note: I have worked with SBL2360 in the past and Im using the same commands, and the !EX and !MG commands do work in the "Console" tab.

Thank you,
Raam Kavod. 

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