Alternator cautions?

16 years 3 months ago #18436713 by MuddyWheels
Alternator cautions? was created by MuddyWheels
Hi, kind of new to this but getting there.
Have a 2550 as of today :)
Got it hooked pretty quick it running 2 24v motors via r/c.
These motors are driving a platform with a gas engine.
I am hoping to install an alternator with internal voltage regulator to recharge the batteries that run the controller and motors. Any special problems here?

Also any idea how to trigger a ground that will shut down the engine on command from the radio or on loss of signal?

Finally, the engine is 12v electric start with a relay. Could this be handled by the ch3 output?

Appreciate the advice & guidance (plus don't want to fry my new controller)

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16 years 3 months ago #18439800 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:Alternator cautions?
There should be no problem with your alternator charging the batteries while running. Note that a DC motor can be used as a generator and you may have more choices in size and shapes.

You could use output C to drive the Starter relay.

You should be able to find RC accessories that will give you an on/off signal depending on the value or presence of pulses on a 4th channel. Inquire about the switches listed at <A href="" target=_blank>

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