AX2550 Battery Connection

14 years 6 months ago #29525095 by rs4734
On the AX2550 dual motor controller is it possible to use a (high wattage) series resistor when connecting to the batteries to lengthen the RC time constant and eliminate the spark. Once the caps are charged the resistor would be bypassed. My reasons are for safety due to proximity of controller and batteries to gasoline powered engine. I understand that any recommendations are without warrenty.

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14 years 6 months ago #29525096 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:AX2550 Battery Connection
The correct approach is to keep the controller\'s capacitors at all time, even when the controller is off, except when the battery is removed.

To do this, have a 1K resistor that is alway connected between the battery + terminal and the Vmot wires.

Have the yellow wire grounded to keep the controller off, otherwise the current will flow via the resistor and be used up by the controller before it can charge the capacitors.

When you then connect your main switch (that should really be an emergency switch) that is on the Vmot wires, there will be no sparks.

Then use the yellow wire to turn on/off the controller.

When you turn off the controller with the yellow wire, you will see that no current goes through on the Vmot. So you may as well not cut the emergency switch on the Vmot.

But even if you do, the resitor will keep the capacitors charged and prevent sparks later, as long as you have the yellow wire grounded while off.

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