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9 years 2 months ago #29529466 by infoa
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I am using sdc2130 motor controller.

I have four different types of configurations, but I want to use the same source code for all controllers.
I am using the two encoders and I can not use the 2 analog inputs that I have available.

The controller have 8 pins connector near of power pin connector, how its works ? Can I use some of this pins for my purposes ? What are their functions ?

Can I use the RC input to give this information to the controller easily?


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9 years 2 months ago #29529469 by Griffin Baker
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What exactly is your controller supposed to do?

The encoder lines take up Analog inputs 1 and 2, which still leaves you analog inputs 3 and 4 that you can use. This also means that pulse inputs 1, 2, and 5 are also used up as well which also leaves you with Pulse inputs 3 and 4 left over as well. Make usre to completely disable pulse inputs 1 and 2, and uncheck any checkboxes that are checked next to the input use menu in each pulse input.

As a result, you'll have to choose which of the 4 remaining inputs that are available to use. If you use analog input 3, then pulse input 3 is no longer available.

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9 years 2 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #29529470 by infoa
Replied by infoa on topic 8 pins connector
Dear Griffin, thanks for your answer.

My controller uses 2 encoders:
din4 -> Enc1A
ana2/din2 -> Enc1B
ana1/din5 -> Enc2A
din6 -> Enc2B

I only have available: ana3/din3 and ana4/din4. I have 2 output also (Dout1, Dout2).

With this configuration and 2 multiplexors (MAX4518) I can read 8 analog signals in my controller. Also, I am using 1 demultiplexor to provide 4 outputs at my system.

I have 4 source codes for 4 different configurations, I want read a initial value to configure this software. I would like have only 1 source code. This initial value make it possible. I need read other signal. 1 signal to say at the controller what is his configuration.

Excuse Me, when I spoke about RC input, I spoke about Spektrum RC connector. I need read this initial value only at first execution. After, I don´t need this value. But I can´t find the way to make this.

I'm thinking change the power supply to give 12, 11.5, 11 and 10.5 volts to have this information, but this seems danger.

For this reason, I ask you about the 8 pin connector or I ask you about Spektrum RC connector. I know use it to reset the controller in DFU mode, but I don't know what is the function for the other pins.

Thank you very much

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