PwrCtrl for MDC2230

8 years 6 months ago #29530272 by JasonT
PwrCtrl for MDC2230 was created by JasonT
I just want to double check before powering up my motor controller. The PwrCtrl pin has the same voltage range as the H-Bridge, right? So I need to wire up VMot1, VMot2, and PwrCtrl to my 24V battery. They're just isolated on the motor controller itself so that you can safely throw an EStop switch and only disconnect power to the bridge and not the controls.

Also, could control power be supplied to the motor controller through the DB15 or USB?

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8 years 6 months ago #29530274 by TechSupport
Replied by TechSupport on topic PwrCtrl for MDC2230
The power control is for logic control only; no motor output. So you can use the voltage as the H-bridge.

So in reality, you only need the vmot and ground to the battery. The power control is something you can add a separate battery to if you are shutting off the vmot voltage, but still want to keep the power on to the controller.

The controller internally will have a 5V out (pin 14) created from either the power controller power source or the vmot battery.

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