4 bldc-motors on 1 controller

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Hi Erik,

I'm sorry it's difficult to clearly answer all questions from long posts and multiple posts in a row so I will do my best here.

First, if you haven't already please read through our User Manual. We additionally have a Brushless Manual which you may find some benefit and insight from as well. Pay only attention to trapezoidal mode operation because in your application I think this is all you need and the other operating modes can confuse things. From what I have read of your questions here, all of them are answered in our user manual so it is important to take the time to read through it.

Mixing mode works very well in many applications. I don't see any problem with getting it to work in your lawn mower. You may have to play arround with your acceleration and deceleration settings, as well as the command adjustments, to get optimal control.

For more information on connecting devices to the motor controller digital ouput, see page 43 of the user manual.

If your hub motors work in open loop then they should work in closed loop as well. If you are not getting proper speed control in closed loop then it is likely due to the PID gain settings. See Section 8 of the manual. Page 91 will talk more about the PID gains and how to tune them. This is also likely the reason you are getting runaway motors etc.

I think you are mistaken in thinking that your motor has 15 poles. All Brushless motors will have an even number of poles as each magnetic pair has north and south. You can have an odd number of pole pairs, but not an odd number of poles (poles = pole pairs * 2).
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the number of poles can also be determined by rotating the motor shaft by hand a full turn. Then take the number of counts reported
by the hall counter, and divide it by 6.

Well the hallsensors count 90.....divided by 6 means 15 i would think. But if 15 is impossible i don't understand why the controller accepts uneven values.

I tried to open the motor but i don't want to damage the covers since they close very well now and are waterproof.

Here are the numbers which are engraved in the rims...


I see a 36V which might refer to 36V?
I see the number 15 which might refer to the 15 poles i count?
I see a 10 which might refer to 10Amps? 10x36V=360 Watt and on the box was written 350 Watt motors or 700 Watt power...or 10 inch?

The rest of the numbers i can't explain....i will do more research...guess it's a serial number?

So is it really impossible to have 15 poles? I have no idea but also by hand i count 90 cogs when i turn the motor 1 full round.


Here is a video about the balanceboard

On this website i see hubmotors for sale with 15 poles or 23 poles so now i'm pretty sure mine have 15...don't you think so?

So the setting of 15 poles is right i assume? Can the controller handle that?

And here are my motors: czhanghong.en.made-in-china.com/product/...lancing-Scooter.html

Or maybe i got these ones: czhanghong.en.made-in-china.com/product/...lancing-Scooter.html

They are cheap as chips but work great! The chinese also sell copy roboteqs by the way (from Keja) but the programming language is in chinese script...

I get overvolt errors again in closed loop speed mode....i use 42 Volt as maximum and hysteris 5.0V ...are those settings good? I have a Li-fe battery 36V 15A....battery is 38V now.

I don't understand this, do you?:
Product Description
Hub Motor for Self-balancing car
Application :Swing car/balancing car/haverboard car
Wheel Size:4.5/6.5/8/10 inch
Rated Speed(rpm) :550-600rpm
Rated Power(W):180-300W
Rated voltage :36V
Max current: 0.9A

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It works Blake! Speed mode closed loop.

What i did wrong all the time was inverted motorcommands combined with wrong hallsignals...also the count position set to 444 gave many problems (standard setting).

Why not write a setup guide for dummies? It isn't that hard if you know what to look for.

The hall rpm-speed is still weird though, i will fix that now. Also the brake and pullup speed adjustments work different in closed loop mode, much slower than in open loop, that was also an issue.

Anyway, it was worth trying all options and my motors survived all the abuse i gave them.

Thanks for the help....btw i use 15 poles now....

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I can't find info about how to use the D-out by script or remotecontrol...

Digital Output - Activated when motor(s) is powered
- Activated when motor(s) is reversed
- Activated when overvoltage
- Miror Status LED
- Deactivates when output stage fault
- User activated (RS232/USB)

I guess i need to use the last option but how can i turn Dout-1 on by remotecontrol signal in the controller? There are only options available for when the motors are powered?

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