Connectors into VMOT on MDC2230

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Hi All,

I'm using an MDC2230. Max motor input supply is fused at 100A between both VMot supply inputs.

The datasheet shows that I need to split the supply into both VMot input connectors. The connectors are 1/4" tabs. But the biggest crimp I can find for this takes 6mm2 wire, which will only take 50A. To do a proper job, then, I need an extra fuse on each of these wires to protect them against the failure mode that one crimp falls off, leaving 100A running through one wire during operation. These extra fuses are a hassle. I would like to just link my supply contactor to both Vmot inputs with 16mm2 cable, which is rated to the 120A the controller can use.

Does anyone know of any connectors that will let me run 16mm2 wire up to the controller?

Thanks for your attention, and any help would be very gratefully received.


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Sorry for the late reply.

I do not believe that there are any Faston tabs that big since TE connectivity does not list them in their brochure.

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