Meanwell RPB-1600-48 charger and BMS1060

3 years 10 months ago #29534657 by vanem
I have both SBP-001 (Smart Battery Charging Programmer) and RPB-1600-48 (Smart Battery Charger) from Meanwell
The charger model in mentioned in BMS1060 user manual, so I assume you have experience with it at Roboteq.

The documents that I found on Meanwell site for these items are:
- for the charger: the specification doc and the RPB-Instruction Manual
- for the programmer: only the specification doc

I want to use the charger with 2 types of batteries:
- 12 cell LiFeP04
- 15 cell LiFeP04

After reading Meanwell documents I still have some questions:
- Can 12 cell LiFeP04 be safely charged with this charger? In BMS 1060 it is recommend to use 43.2V - 50mV charger voltage in this case. What values need to be configured for Vboost and Vfloat for the charger?
- Same question for the 15 cell LiFeP04 where it is recommend to use 54V - 50mV charging voltage
- Is there a software that comes with SBP-001 programmer that makes setting the parameters over PMBus easier that you are aware of from Meanwell? Is there some user instructions or application note? I could only find the doc I mentioned above and there is no information how to operate the programmer. As far as I can tell when I connect the programmer tool, it gets install as a USB to serial device, but I can't find even a baudrate in Meanwell documents
Any clue would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you

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