SDC2160 with Battery Power supply

1 year 1 week ago #29534868 by Damien_EA
Hi everybody,

I have a question about the best way to use the roboteq with a battery as a power supply.

My battery is 24VDC Lithium battery. Its voltage vary from 20V to 29.2V.
The motor controller is a SDC2160 (60V-20A)
I will use a 24VDC brush motor.

What will happen when my battery is full ? Will the roboteq controller decrease the voltage to 24V ? Is there any danger to the motor ?

What will happel when my battery is close to be empty ? Will the roboteq increase the voltage so that the motor can work at its nominal voltage ?

Best regards,

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1 year 1 hour ago #29534880 by Damien_EA
Is there anybody who can help me ?

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11 months 4 weeks ago #29534881 by blake
Hi Damien, sorry for the late response. For fastest answers to support related questions we invite you to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as our Forum here is intended more for community discussion.

With regards to your question:

The motor controller delivers a PWM to the motor, so the voltage your motor actually sees will only be a percentage of the battery voltage depending on the command value. For example if your battery is 29V, and you give a command of 1000 (100% pwm) then the motor would see the full 29V. In some motors this marginal difference is not a big deal, you would need to check with the motor spec sheet. If you do not want your motor to see the full 29V at full charge then you would need to limit your command to ~800 (80% PWM), then the maximum output would be ~24V.

If your battery is almost empty then no, the controller cannot create more volts.

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