Regeneration FBL2360

2 years 8 months ago #29535068 by raffaele
Good morning, I am using roboteq fbl2360 for regeneration. Iam forcing a BLDC motor connected to the roboteq, by another motor. Moving the BLDC by the forcing motor, the current recharges an ultracapacitor connected to the DC bus. Regeneration seems to work, but now I would like to set the BLDC in neutral (so not to give resistance). I tried to use it in torque mode but despite setting 0 as a reference, the BLDC motor gives resistance. I then tried to use open loop mode and giving 0 as reference, but the motor gives resistance as well. Therefore, I tried the command “disable voltage”. By using it, the BLDC motor really seems to be neutral and offering a very much lower resistance. But if I set it in rotation through the other forcing motor and I check the DCbus, I see some current flowing towards the capacitor (actually if I read the battery amps incorporated in roborun utility it gives 0 current, but using an external current sensor that current is not 0 anymore, probably because battery amps of roborun utility is estimated from the motor current), voltage of the capacitor is increasing and some current also flows in the motor phases. My aim is to be able to deactivate the regeneration at occurrence, having the motor rotating neutral and seeing no regeneration. So my questions are:
-         What does the command “disable voltage” really do? Which voltage is disabled?
-         Does it exist another way to set temporarily the motor in neutral, so stopping regeneration?

Thanks for your help.

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