random init heartbits

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #29535715 by dgregov
Hi all,
we are using Roboteq SBL 1360A v2.1 and what we are experiencing is a weird behaviour of received hearbits.
What happens is, we have the Roboteq send every 100 ms a 0x05 hearbit (operational) but occasionally, every now and then, it sends 0x00 (initializing) in a completely random time, not every 100 ms hearbit rate. It looks something like this:

does anybody have any clue what could be causing this or what is it about? the system seems to be fully operational and normally running, but when we open up daily logs we find couple of thousands of messages that the controller was switching from init to operational.
Thanks in advance for your help

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