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19 years 2 months ago #2649546 by daynok
Wireless controller was created by daynok
Does anyone have info. how to setup a wireless controller so the controller would be controlled through a webpage?

What type of microcomputer should be used?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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19 years 2 months ago #2656267 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:Wireless controller
There are two parts to your question:

RF transmission and control through web page.

RF transmission can be done using an RF modem. See the link page on <A href="dev.roboteq.com/dev1" target=_blank>www.roboteq.com for suggested manufacturers.

One RF modem would be connected to the controller, the other on the COM port of a PC running a web server.

If the web server is a windows machine and can run ASP, then you could write a VB script that will allow your web page to incorporate live data captured from the controller. To send commands to the controllers, you would use a form that will activate the VB script. Below is a short Q&amp;A from an expert site on the topic.

It must be possible to do something similar on Linux.

Q: Need to communicate through RS232 in my <SPAN class=searchTerm>ASP</SPAN> application.<BR>Is there a reliable way to do this in vbscript ?<BR>
A: I would use MSComm, which can be added to visual studio components as (MS Comm Control 6.0) from there you can create an ActiveX project to communicate with the serial connection. A quick example to send information:<BR><BR>MSComm1.CommPort = 2<BR>MSComm1.PortOpen = True<BR>MSComm1.Output = TextBox1<BR>MsComm1.PortOpen = False<BR><BR>To retrive information from an open <SPAN class=searchTerm>port</SPAN><BR><BR>Text = MSComm1.Input<BR><BR>You can find more information by searching MSDN.microsoft.com for MS Comm Control

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