AX500 analog-input position control - no movement at power on

14 years 1 month ago #29525179 by Stefanw
I would like to suggest a feature for the AX500, and maybe the AX3500 too. This could be implemented entirely in firmware.

I would like an option for \"no power to motors at power-on\" when using analogue feedback, instead of returning to a zero position at power on.

My application is a robot arm, with potentiometers on its joints.

When using position control with analogue feedback, as soon as I power on the AX500s (which control four of the arm\'s joints) the arm immediately moves at maximum speed to the 2.5v points of all potentiometers. This is not always desirable.

Could we have a configuration option for \"do not power motors at power-on\"? i.e. so that I could power on my AX500s, then start my software and read the arm\'s current position, then use my software to decide which joints to move first and at what speed?


p.s. Here\'s a picture of the robot

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