AX500 position-at-speed control

14 years 2 months ago #29525180 by Stefanw
I am using an AX500 in analog-feedback position control mode.

It would be nice if there were a \'position at speed\' command (or speed limit configuration option) - so instead of saying \'go to this angle at maximum speed\' I could say \'go to this angle at a speed not exceeding 10 degrees per second\'

At present I have a robot arm with potentiometers on its joints; however, the motors powering it are faster than we expected, so under certain circumstances the arm moves very fast to a target position.

I am aware that I can reduce the PID gain and the current limits to reduce the power to the motors. The problem is, depending on the arm\'s position, a given amount of power can produce a different speed - for example, if I limit the power to go at a reasonable speed when the arm is descending under load, it doesn\'t have enough power to ascend under the same load!


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