BL controller with embedded WiFi / BlueTooth ?

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When can we expect a BrushLess controller that has more connectivity than serial?
Ideally, with an integrated Bluetooth or (better) WiFi chip?

WiFi: The initial setup could be done via serial
- encryption and password,
- FQDN of host the controller will connect to (e.g.

(IP address / network / DNS servers comes automatically via DHCP from wifi-server)

then the controller would automatically connect to the host ( and accept control commands via a TCP/IP-Telnet like protocol.


- The host may be on the same network (usually no firewall problem etc...)
- The host could be far away - even in another country ..
- The IP address of the commands server (host) depends on the NS resolution of the domain (, therefore it can be changed quickly (usually at the domain registrar)
- Works with any WiFI server
- Total wireless control
- Easiness of the protocol (Telnet is text) makes the whole being rather easy to implement. A password is set to secure the server connection (in case the wifi server itself is insecure).
- Secure: the controller connects to the server and not the opposite (that could allow nasty incoming connections)

After searching the web, and looking at the competition, I think (in all modesty) that you have here a pretty good implementable solution. And you should do it soon (can help you if necessary...)
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