Built-in PID tuning

7 years 3 months ago - 7 years 3 months ago #29532073 by maple
Built-in PID tuning was created by maple
It would be extremely helpful to have some kind of PID tuning tool embedded into Roborun.

While commercial software is available it usually either requires a lot of user interaction or special hardware for capturing system performance. Roborun has an advantage in that it can both control motors and access feedback data.

This doesn't have to be very complex or precise, just some starting point. Using a dialog similar to analog calibration users would enter two servo positions (or two speeds), select target like "best settling time" or "no overshot" then hit "tuneup" button and wait for Roborun to move servo between those positions, analyze the data and fill in suggested closed loop parameters. More advanced software might support multiple "tuneup" runs by taking current parameters and fine-tuning them.
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