SDC21xx Power Control Cable Length

4 years 1 month ago #29534961 by cgdase
I am curious why your optional power control cable is only 4" long? In our situation, we are going to production with the SDC2160 and utilizing your power control cable. We need 5" to get it to another circuit board connector. At 4", the cable barely reaches across the controller itself. Our SDC2160 and adjacent power control supply must be situated such that the power control input is away from the edge of our board that supplies power control. I would rather pay you another $1 for double the length instead of paying our cable assembler much more for extending the wires.

On another few notes, I also wish that the power control cable connector was latching. Currently, it's just a couple of header pins and the connector could definitely come loose during product shipping. We are planning to glue it in place. I would gladly pay a few more bucks for a little Molex Nano-Fit latching connector. I would plea the same argument for the motor screw terminals. Latching connectors would be great, but spring-loaded push-in terminal blocks would be good, if you are concerned about the difficulty of customers rounding up connector bodies, crimp terminals and crimpers. Push-in terminal blocks require ferrules just like screw terminals.

Thanks for listening!

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