Best controller for 24Volt Baldor DC Servo???

17 years 2 months ago #11465036 by Art
<font face="Arial">Greetings-

Could someone point me in the right direction to choose an appropriate controller for these 24 VDC Servo motors?
</font>(Please see photo at: )

These are on Millitary mobile X-Ray base units and were manuactured in early 1988. ( )
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I find little or no information on these motors so am having difficulty determining how they are run.

The motors have 4 leads, (2 red, 2 black plus 2 from tach gens)

What type of controller would be needed to run these motors?

Will these motors run without the Tach feedback?

Is there a simple controller available?

Thank- you in advance for you consideration.



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17 years 2 months ago #11492541 by jcweber
<P style="MARGIN: 0px">Hello Art and welcome to the forum
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<P style="MARGIN: 0px">I'm gone try to answer your question but if i'm wrong someone jump in and correct me. I looked at your picture of the motor and it appears that the two reds would be tied to one line and the two blacks would be tied to the other line of the controller. You could do a simple test and try it that way connected them to a small 12v battery and then reverse connections to reverse the motor. If it doesn't work stop immediately. The controller I would use is the AX3500 for easy driving but if driving it hard I would use the AX2550. Are you sure that's a tach or an electromechanical brake?

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