Is a controller right for me?

16 years 10 months ago #16869810 by czwalga
Is a controller right for me? was created by czwalga

Youll have to excuse my ignorance on the subject of motor controllers.

What I have: DC Brushed motor, (peak current 7 Amps, continuous flow is around 3), Motor's transfer function, a PWM signal, a positioning sensor (0-5v) 0=0degrees, 5= 45degrees.

Originally this project was setup to use a Servo motor. It worked out great, other than the fact that the servo was not nearly powerful enough. I've sinced switched to a DC brushed motor, but I'm not sure exactly how to control it.

The motor i'm using can not be substituted for another, since its already specially prebuilt into a housing with a special gear train. It needs to beable to angle control itself on a 45 degree basis.

Essentially what I need a is some kind of controller than can do this, I'd just rather not have to spend a lot of time building it myself. Any help would be much appreciated.

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