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I want to set up a joystick steering system for my car. I am a mechanic, but I am not an engineer. :-)

I think I understand how to use a geared motor with a multi-turn potentiometer to turn the vehicle's steering column, commanded by an analog joystick's control inputs.

However, I want the system to take the vehicle's speed into account and limit the steering system's travel at higher speeds. I haven't been able to find any information on how to accomplish this.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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One electromechanical way to achieve this is to add a double pot (i.e. two pots sharing the same shaft) in series with the joystick.

If you can make the pot move according to speed, then one of the double pot would go from the joystick to 5V, the other from the joystick to ground.

+5V----Speed Pot
Speed Pot

At slow speed, the Speed Pot would read 0K. At higher speed the value, the speed pot would read 5K or so (the higher the value, the less left/right control).

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