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I am not sure which controller model is best suited for controlling to 12V motors by analog joystick on independent speeds. I have read that the jc400 joystick is more efficient. Controller will be used in outdoor environment to operate gas, brake, and steering. Also are there any suggestions on which servo motors are best suited for this application.

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Moving brake and steering would only require the basic 2550 controller. You will need to use potentiometers for getting the position feedback information.

As far as joystick goes, we do not have much experience with them but the model you identified is sold for professional use so there should be no problem with it.

Note that over time, the position sensing pot is where you have to pay the most attention. It will be moving often and a lot. It may also be exposed to the elements.

Advising you on the motor is difficult too because it very much depends on the force you need and the room you have. Check for their smallest geared motors.


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