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Hi Cosma<BR><BR>Total newbie here <BR>I like your products and your Web Site<BR><BR>I want to build an underwater ROV mainly to be used for fishing and filming<BR>The mechanical construction is not a problem for me as I have a good workshop<BR>However the control side is all new to me<BR><BR>Ideally I would power the ROV by three DC brushed motors <BR>One for up and down two for left and right<BR><BR>I would like to use a Laptop computer to control and view the Video of the ROV I would prefer if I could control the direction of the ROV using a Joystick plugged into the computer then via a cable from the RS232 port straight to the ROV<BR><BR>Could I do this using your AX500 motor control board?<BR><BR>I did like the post below<BR><A href="" target=_blank target=_blank>

I did download the JK Joystick software however I could not download the sample code mentioned" target=_blank target=_blank>


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