Compensate motor power (AX3500)

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Compensate motor power (AX3500) was created by MemorX

I am a student from Norway, and we are using the Roboteq AX3500 on a robot for a project. The thing is that one of the motors is 350 W and the other 250 W.

I know this can be <span class="ital-inline">compensated by running the motors separate, but is it possible to adapt the settings in the roborun application to solve this problem? (without replacing the motor)

It seems that the most powerful motor is giving more "juice" en mixed mode, so it is very difficult to keep it going straight.



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16 years 5 months ago #22267404 by cosma
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You can try playing with the Left/Right adjust parameter.

It is designed to compensate the difference of power that some motors have when spinning in the fwd vs reverse direction.

Note that if you manage to make it go straight using this adjustment, it will only help when going forward. Things will be worse when going backwards. Hopefully this will make your robot easier to drive nevertheless.

I don't believe there is any other solutions.

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