Differential Steering RWD

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I think I am going to go ahead and order the <span class="smalltext">AX2850HE and just be cautious.

The vehicle is just a complete test vehicle, so we will be 'gentle' with it. That gentleness will last for a couple weeks I am sure, until we really want to test what she's got to offer!! ;)

Can you guys reccomend any other motor other then the ETEK-R, that would not have such a high stall current but still offer similar characteristics in power/weight/size. Cost to an extent is not the leading factor.

Thanks again guys.

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14 years 3 months ago #26858398 by datac99
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Do take advantage of the dead man switch when you wire things up... There is nothing better then just being able to take your hand off the controls if things start to get dicey... I started out with just the emergency stop connected and it kind of silly, but mashing a button is a lot to do when your already stressing about your situation.

I really don't know any more about motors but I know some of the EV people seem to really like a company called advanced DC "ADC".

You might also look into adding some kind of slipper clutch to each drive wheel... I wouldn't really know where to look or what kind of torque limit you would want off the top of my head... But McMaster Carr www.mcmaster.com has a few. Most of my drive line parts were sourced from GoKart supply company's -- cuz' you can get slick looking aluminum stuff :-)

Good luck with your project and keep us updated! I'd love to see some video if it's not too secret.


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