X-Sim and Roboteq AX500

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Hi all,
I\'ve ordered a AX500 from Roboteq official distributor in UK.

I would like to build a 2DOF simulator using whiper motors with potentiometers and AX500.

My Idea is to use the AX500 into closed loop with analog feedback (potentiometer per motor).

I\'m looking for a solution that is able to parser/adapt to X-Sim2 (motion software) RS232 output (8bit values for motor1 and motor2 every 25ms - timing selectable), and to drive wipermotors to reach the given 8bit position, according to the motor potentiometer value connected to the AX500.

Looking at the manual, related to serial commands I can find:

\"!A~a01~\" Turns + the A motor to \"~a01~\" position
\"!a~a01~\" Turns - the A motor to \"~a01~\" position
...where \"~a01~\" is the value in HEX (8bit / 0-255).

Is there any possibility to avoid to specified the direction? samething like:
Motor A go to \"~a01~\" using Shortest path/direction

I think I can do it with analog inputs and 8bit DAC (0V 2,5V center, 5V), but I would like not to use external DAC for that.

Thank you so much for helping me.


Thank you Thanos for the support.

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