Joystick control of go-cart

14 years 1 month ago #29524986 by wstuck
I am planning to make a joystick controlled go-cart for a disabled child. He has the ability to drive a wheel chair so I want to make the go-cart work like the wheel chair. There are several items that I’m not sure about.

Do I need the AX2550 controller for this project or is there a better option?

Steering – can I use a gear motor with a belt drive connected to the existing steering shaft and a rotation sensor? That way the existing steering is still available when needed. If so what are good suppliers to shop?

Throttle and Braking – can I use a linear actuator to control both at the same time? If the brake is set with tension in the off position and the throttle is at idle, when the linear actuator is extended the brake would release and the throttle would start increase the RPM’s of the engine. If so what are good suppliers to shop?

Has anyone built something like this?

Thanks for any suggestions or help,
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