Closed Loop Position Mode – Analog

15 years 2 months ago #29524997 by wstuck
[file] I have ordered an AX2550 Motor controller for a project that I am working on but I need some help with the specs for Closed Loop Position Mode – Analog. The documentation for the Feedback Potentiometer wiring in Analog Mode calls out to use a 2K pot on pins 12 (Ana3) and 8 (Ana4). The problem I am having is that the sensors that I am finding with the electrical stroke that I want to use do not have a 2K value available. The available values from vendors like Penny+Giles and Celesco seem to be between 5K and 10K for the electrical stroke I want to use. Will 5K or 10K values work in place of the 2K value that is called out? If so, will there be any uncontrollable reactions to the control function to the motors?

Thanks for your help,
Bill Stuck
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