Regeneration with Lithium Polymer Battery

10 years 6 months ago #29525154 by daphreak
After reading the app note on regeneration, I\'ve become concerned with my plan to power my system (AX2550) using a lithium polymer battery pack.

Is there any way to predict/model the regen current going into the batteries? Even better, is there a firmware update for this controller that will allow me to use a \"coast\" mode?

It seems this controller will only current limit during braking if the current levels are dangerous for the controller, but it would be nice to have a software programmable level here.

Thoughts? Suggestions? How do I keep my li-po\'s happy with this controller?

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7 years 4 months ago #29528095 by rbtqq
Other controller (MBL1650), same question: is there a software solution to enable measuring regenerative current to protect batteries?

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7 years 3 months ago #29528100 by Griffin Baker
Replied by Griffin Baker on topic Re:Regeneration with Lithium Polymer Battery
The E-stop function I think should allow for coasting, or maybe try deadmans switch. You can write a script that would feedback any information that you are querying such as the motor amps, but if the controller is in the off condition, I don\'t think that would be possible. The AX2550 has not had a firmware update in quite some time as the last one was from 110209.

In regards to the MBL1650, I\'d suggest writing a script that can query the data that you are looking to get back while the controller is on. The diode protection setup as described both in the user manual and datasheet are for protecting the controller. So in the case of batteries, since the battery will discharge over time, the amount of current I think being fed back shouldn\'t be enough to harm the batteries unless the motors are moving for quite some time after the controller has been powered off.

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