application guide for Roboteq controllers available

12 years 1 week ago #29525445 by eboards
Hi everybody
I hope this does not sound too much as a cheap commercial.
At site an application guide with Roboteq scripts samples is avaliable.

It is basically a primer (don\'t look for advanced stuff there) , focused on the interaction of the controller with the relay boards we produce but, being the controller and the pinout the same, for instance, of the AX2450, may be it will be of some help to start developing MicroBasic applications from scratch.

It currently features three very simple applications describing how to connect the 25 pins connector of the controller to the outside world, and write and load simple scripts using Roborun utility.

Currently scritps focus on how to read an analog input, set a digital output, and some microbasic programming (reading a timer status, set outputs in sequence or counting in binary, and so on).

I will be very happy to have your opinions and suggestions about it.

You can find it ad

Thanks for your attention

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12 years 1 week ago #29525455 by burgerman
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