Error Protection in Closed Loop Position Mode

12 years 4 days ago #29525457 by rfrancis
I\'ve ordered a SDC2130 to replace a AX3500 in an automation project, since it seems the built-in scripting could help in a number of areas.

However, reading the manual, I\'ve become nervous of the section on p. 82 about error detection in closed loop position more. Here it says that an error (various levels are defined) will, essentially, stop operations. It does not appear there is a way to disable this.

My system, which operated in closed loop position mode, is a large mechanical (a rotating roof in an astronomical observatory) which takes many seconds to reach its commanded position -- it takes almost a minute to make a full rotation.

Please let me know how to disable there protections -- there must be a way as otherwise any system which is limited in its response time to more than the purely arbitrary limits mentioned here cannot be managed by these boards (to define that the system must have completed half the movement to the commanded position within 1 second is obviously arbitrary).


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12 years 3 days ago #29525459 by roboteq
You can disable this protection from the Closed Loop menu, in the Motor configuration tree

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