determining optimal encoder cpr for SDC2150

13 years 3 days ago #29525681 by kjy423
Hello, I\'m looking to purchase encoders to use with the SDC2150 controller operating two motors (both with encoders). I\'d like to be able to have optimal speed control along a full range of motor speeds up to 3,000 RPM in a tank steering configuration.

The datasheet on the controller gives 30,000 counts/s as max encoder input frequency. Is this for each encoder or for the combination (i.e. 15,000 each)? Would I max out this frequency, or leave a bit of room to avoid pushing the controller\'s limits and having buggy/unpredictable behavior?

For example with max speed of 3,000 RPM = 50 RPs (per second) and assuming 30,000 counts/s capability would result in a selection of 30,000/50 = 600 counts/revolution encoder.

Many thanks!

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