Emergency stop release sends motors to home

10 years 4 months ago #29528062 by jimrothrock
On the SDC2130 and MDC2250C, it appears that the MG command (emergency stop release) sends the motor to its home position if closed-loop position relative or position tracking mode is used. Is this expected behavior? The description of the MG command in the manual (version 1.2, May 10, 2012) does not mention it. I expected the controller to continue motion from the motor\'s position when the EX command was received, i.e. to continue moving to the position last specified with the G command.

On the subject of the manual, for the MMOD command, only 1, 2, and 3 are listed as operating modes (open-loop speed, closed-loop speed, and closed-loop position). In reality, I have found that 0 is open-loop speed, 1 is closed-loop speed, 2 is closed-loop position relative, and 4 is closed-loop position tracking.

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