Looking for Brushless Gearless Motor compatible with Roboteq HBL1650 controller

10 years 2 months ago #29528260 by lhogg1
I am currently designing a next generation Power Wheelchair using the most up to date technology and materials.
However, I am currently finding it difficult to locate a brushless and gearless direct drive motor for the wheelchair. I have looked at motors such as the Mars brushless PMAC motor ( www.robotmarketplace.com/products/ETK-ETEKBL.html ) however this motor would require a gear reduction system which is not what I would like. To keep the wheelchair as maintenance free as possible, it is essential that the motor is gearless. The chair will be operating at 48V, which resulted in the Mars motor having an output of just under 3500 rpm, however I was recently told that the wheelchair motor should be turning at something about 150-250 rpm... which is a LOT slower than the actual motor output, hence the gear reduction needed.

I come here to ask if anybody on this forum knows of any motors that may be of any help to me.

The brushless hub motors that are used in electric bicycles such as ( www.elifebike.com/peng/iview.asp?KeyID=dtpic-2011-1G-K59E.3DNJU) offer a similiar rpm that is needed for the wheelchair, however I am not sure how i\'d be able to implement them with wide flotation tyres such as these ( www.terraintyres.co.uk/user/products/lar...Superturf%20K500.jpg ). So if anyone has any innovative ideas in that sense then by all means fire away.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I look forward to reading any replies.


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10 years 2 months ago #29528263 by roboteq
your best bet is still the hub motors for ebikes or escooter.

worse case, take the motor and have your own rim made.

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