Power vs. Voltage

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Power vs. Voltage was created by RobLewis
I enjoyed your article \"All Go for Regen Braking\" in Design World. But I have a slight confusion: the article repeatedly refers to \"power\" in a context where it seems you actually mean \"voltage\".

For example: \"Now, if we apply more than 50% power while the motor already spins at 2,500 RPM, this will give extra power and the motor will try to run faster.\"

and this: \"For example, to still have 12 V at the motor while the battery is 18V instead of 24 V, the power level must now be 75% instead of 50%.\"

As you know, \"power\" is a function of several different variables, whereas \"voltage\" applied to a motor is just a simple quantity.

I\'m certainly no expert in the motor controller domain, and this may be the conventional usage in it, but it sure seems clearer and less likely to confuse if you say \"voltage\" when that\'s what you mean.

Have I missed something?

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10 years 2 months ago #29528267 by roboteq
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You are correct that power is not the right word.

It should be PWM level.

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