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I m experimenting with Roborun plus configuration to control a three phase dc brushless motor using HBL 1650. I don't quite understand the PWM frequency configuration in the configuration page. I tried controlling the motor in closed loop speed mode with various different PWM frequency values but I can't seem to see any changes. What does the PWM frequency does actually? How can I make use of this configuration? Can someone give me an exemple of application please?

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The power MOSFETs are switched at 18kHz by default. This frequency can set to another
value ranging from 10 kHz to 32 kHz. Increasing the frequency reduces the efficiency due
to switching losses. Lowering the frequency eventually creates audible noise and can be
inefficient on low inductance motors.

Changing the PWM frequency results in no visible change in the motor operation and
should be left untouched.

Page 74 user manual.

Beware that a too low frequency will create audible noise and would result in lower
performance operation.

Page 215 user manual.
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