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I managed to get rid of the overvoltage fault by resetting the default configuration. Now there are still the "motor on" and "motor reverse" lamp turned on at the same time whenever I slide the slider in Roborun in either of the both direction. I also noticed that the status led on the front of Roboteq flash on and off in a way that signifies a short detected according to the datasheet.

My HBL1650 is connected to a power supply throught the red and black wires, providing 12V to the roboteq. The Power control wire is not connected.

Just before the overvoltage fault happened, I was trying to acquire an analog signal data with labview by sending the ?CIA serial command to Roboteq, with a signal generator supplying -4 to 4V sinusoidal signal to the analog input.(It was a mistake, I should have verified that the analog input support 0-5V). And when I turned off the serial command, the motor starts to run without receiving any serial command. I then quickly disconnected the analog signal connection to the analog input. But the motor still continues to turn. Finally I panicked a bit and straight away turn off the power supply. It may be that the regeneration that you spoke off that spoilt the analog part of the Roboteq.

Before that, I was able to turn the motor by using the analog mode (by connecting 0 to 5V dc current to the analog input, and turning the motor in both direction, with 2.5V -> motor stop). But after the incident, I wasn't able to command the motor with the analog mode anymore.

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Have you tried a different analog input pin? The controller has multiple inputs to use. We don't have a motor reverse and motor on light. Perhaps maybe you are referring to a digital output or something different?

Typically speaking, the motor regen would affect the output stage rather than an I/O input. If the overvoltage went away and stays off, then you may be okay at least for the time being.

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