Motors different speed problem

8 years 5 months ago #29530447 by maha
hello, I'm implementing SLAM. and i'm using my SuperDroid platform ( a square robot with 4 wheels). and i'm controlling it using Roboteq SDC21xx. So, the two left motors are treated as one. The same for the right ones. and i'm doing this because my motor controller have only two channels.

Anyhow, Now, when I want to implement Odometer, i'll have to bring the left and right encoder. but the problem is that each motor brings up different traveled distance (or number of revolutions) because each motor has a different speed.

to overcome the problem of the different speeds of motors, people suggested that i give different power to each motor. (in my case, i give each two motors the same power).

this solution still doesn't provide exact solutions (which in odometer it is very important to get PRECISE results).

any suggestions? ideas? help? how about getting another controller? and how's open and closed loop mode are related to this issue?


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