Error in documentation mdc22xx user manual

8 years 1 week ago #29530652 by thomasvankleef
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have discovered a fault in the documentation that describes the what bits should change in the MGS address using rs232.

Between the lines is quoted from the datasheet.
MGS - Read Magsensor Status
Returns a single number with general status information about the sensor. This query can
be used to detect that a sensor is present and operational.
Syntax: ?MGS
Reply: MGS=f1 + f2*2 + f3*4 + ... + fn*2n-1
Where: f1 : Tape detect
f2 : Left marker present
f3 : Right marker present
f9 : Sensor active

I dicovered that in my motorcontroller mdc2230
f1 : not used
f2 : track_detected
f3 : left marker present
f4 : right marker present
f9 : Sensor active.

Using these bits, I have good functionality.

Kind regards,

Thomas van Kleef

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