MMDC2230 CANOpen TPDO issue

8 years 1 week ago #29531280 by MSzulc
I am trying to connect MDC2230 (newest FW from site) to Mitsibishi FX3GC via FX3U-CAN.

After long fight almoust everything is working exept TPDO3 and TPDO4. TPDO1, TPDO2, all RPDO's and all SDO are working. I always see 0 on TPDO3 and 4 but when I read variables via SDO I see values other than 0.

I don't have any device which can show me CANOpen frames. I only know that on PLC side everything is ok because it is communicating with other device (lenze inverter). Inverter has same ID, TPDO, RPDO confing. I remove Roboteq and connect inverter and everything looks ok.

I checked via SDO, TPDO Id and they look ok (0x182, 0x282, 0x382, 0x482).

BTW: Is there any list of commands and config commands which refer to CAN? I am using _CAS for restart CAN because MDC can't automatically restart CAN after PLC Stop. Maybe there are other commands which can be helpful. I only know those which are used in Confinguration tab.

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8 years 1 week ago #29531299 by TechSupport
Here is the latest Can Open EDS file.

Anything else related to can and serial commands, is in the user manual.

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