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Hi. I am looking at using your SDC 1130 controller to drive a a small actuator motor. Motor is brushed type 12v 7A stall current, 1A unloaded current. I noticed in the data sheet that 1A is stated as minimum output current for these controllers. Is there likely to be a problem if the motor draws less than 1A?

My application will involve checking an analog sensor value every few minutes, determining if that value is in a rising or falling state and if it is within a set range and then making small adjustments to the actuator. These will be flicking the motor on in either direction for a fraction of a second at a time. Then waiting a while before looping back through the process. As far as I can tell from the documentation this should all be possible with the MicroBasic scripting language. Is this correct or is there something I have missed?



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The 1A minimum in the datasheet is the minumm value the amps limit can be set. There is no minumum current for operation

Microbasic is totally suitable for your application

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