HBL2360 controller problem with RS232 feature

8 years 8 months ago #29531387 by VRTECH
I have a problem with the HBL2360 controller.
I have made a lot of test to find the problem and i have well identify the problem.
I can have the controller that made wrong working, and i can do the step to make it working well.
So the problem is well identify.
I will try (because i am french) to describe each step very clearly.

Controller configuration

I use the controller with 2 power supply.

- 20VDC power supply for the voltage control (logic controller part)
- 48VDC power supply for the power voltage applied to motors(2 motors brushless).

I use speed close loop configuration. (P:0;I:0,2;I:0 parameters).
I have made a script that use 2 analog input to control both motor.
I never need RS232 communication and the controller will not be connect to acomputer (in final application).

EVERY THINGIS WORKING WELL DURING SEVERAL DAYS When the roborun software is initiated(reading configuration controller only).

So i can say that there is no problem with the script and no problem of power supply connection.

Problem description :

All power supply are OFF
No computer conneted to the RS232 USB port.
I turn on power then my script start.

Every thing start well and motor works vs analog command (made by joystick).
In my script i use take the counter of hall sensor to make a count position by script.
When the counted position go over a programmed position threshold, i put by script a motor command to ZERO to stop them.
At the same time, in my script i put a print message ( that is usefull when computer is used for debugging with console).

But at this moment the controller make an error (like a micro cutting phase).
Which result on a error of postion count, surely because in this micro cutting phase my script does not count hall sensor while motor are still moving to go to zero speed.

I have noticed also that i am obliged to put the joystick in centered position to get the controller restarting moving motors.
(This center position is an element that tell me that the controller is reinitialising and wait for centering analog to restart the script).
In the controller configuration i am obliged to let in priorities :
Because when i put ANALOG first and none for others, my analog inputs does not make my motors moving.
- When all power are ON and the problem appaear, i only connect the RS232 cable.
The problem is still the same.
Then i launch the roborun software and click to Ok when asked to read controller confiuration. At this moment i do noting else in the software and every thing works well.

- When i disconnected the RS232 USB port (still with power ON and step before done), the controller is still working well).

- If i put all power supply OFF, without RS232 connection and then restart the problem appear like describe before.

So evry thing work well when the RS232 connection is established with the computter and roborun read configuration.


Here is my questions :

1. Have you already noticed this case and know directly an issue ?
2. Do you think that i should remove all print message to make sure that my script does not try to do something on RS232 while it is not initialised/used ?
3. Why i must keep RS232 in first priority to have my analog still linked to motor control ?

Thank you for yoour support.

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8 years 8 months ago #29531388 by roboteq
Replied by roboteq on topic HBL2360 controller problem with RS232 feature
Please email your phone number at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can discuss in detail.

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8 years 8 months ago #29531389 by VRTECH
Dear support and readers,

I have made the question 2, so i have put in comment all print message.
And it works fine.
I hope that this post will help someone.

So in conclusion, when RS232 communication is not used, NO print message should be put in script.

Best regards

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