Roboteq 2130 with Spektrum Loss of Control

7 years 3 months ago #29531473 by sroth44489
I have a Roboteq SDC2130 with a Spektrum DSMX Model 9645 receiver and Spektrum DX8 transmitter for remote control. While I have been developing with a desktop setup, twice the Roboteq has unexpectedly started moving the motors without input from the remote control. Both times, I was running Roborun+. The second time, I happened to capture the spectrum inputs the roboteq was receiving (see below).

''Running out of control for 4-5 seconds:
?K 0

'' Back in control
?K 0

I am using channels 3 and 5 for controlling the motors. As you can see, while the motors were running out of control, channel 5 was pegged at 1023. After regaining control, channel 5 is back to its center position of 646. I did not do anything to the transmitter to regain control. I am wondering what might have caused this and how to prevent it in the future. This is a very real safety concern for me.


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7 years 3 months ago #29531483 by niko
Hello Stephan,

We have not faced such issues. Please make sure that no external factor might affect the spectrum. If you see any special pattern you can use a script in order to neglect it.

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