Determining number of poles using stopwatch

8 years 6 months ago - 8 years 6 months ago #29531504 by gg
I am using HBL1660 with a couple of different brushless motors. I wanted real-time RPM values to be precise. When counting clicks on the motor running low current, I was able to determine the number of poles, but still couldn't tell if the RPM value displayed in Roborun was accurate.

So I set the motor command so that the RPM showed 60. Then I took a timer and checked whether the motor was doing one revolution per second, or 10 revs in 10 sec or 20 revs in 20 sec. The value was not accurate, so I had to further change the number of poles.

Ultimately, I found a value for the number of poles whereby, when RPM is showing 60, the motor is doing 20 revs in 20 sec (and presumably 60 in 60). I decided to keep that value even though it's different from the number of clicks. Anyone see a problem with this kind of approach?

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8 years 6 months ago #29531507 by niko
The best way to figure out the poles of the motor using hall sensors is the following:
1. Connect the hall sensors to the controller.
2. Monitor the Hall Counter.
3. Rotate the shaft until you make one fulle mechanical revolution.
4. The poles are HallCounter/6.

If you are not sure make 10 revolutions and divide the above by 10.

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