Remap of output resolution

7 years 6 months ago #29531883 by coder
I am presently working on a belted platter type system and using the SDC2160S. I am using an AMT102 encoder at 1000ppr.

The motor is 24vdc coreless brushed Premotec CL66/25watt series.

My requirement involves more output resolution in one direction; I need to vary motor rpm's from 500-1300rpm in forward mode only, in fine discrete steps. Motor will never be used in Reverse mode.

Is there firmware or any option software that can remap the (-)minus 1000 to allow a larger range than 0-1000? Perhaps
0 to +2000 ticks/steps ?

I haven't thoroughly read all of the documentation, but from what I can tell by using Roborun+ utility there is less than 10bit precision in either direction? Is there another way around this limitation?

Perhaps by using script or commands during runtime, the RPM MAX configuration can be changed as a variable, this could allow for variable output resolution(s)? Possible?

Just wondering what can be done?

thanks again,


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7 years 6 months ago #29531887 by niko
Replied by niko on topic Remap of output resolution
Hello Brian,

We do not have such a feature. 0-1000 range is the percentage out of 1000 of the full throttle in cases of open loop mode.

If you use closed loop count position, by using the P and PX commands you can move count tick by count tick.

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