FBL2360 doesnt work with two Micromotor BL167

7 years 5 months ago #29531906 by pugwng
Hi Roboteq, according to FBL2360 datasheet, the Row 2 of Molex connector is (from 1 to 5): 5V, CLK, D1, D2, GND. I connected two motors sharing all SPI lines (except for Data 1 and Data 2 of Motor Encoders), and we realized that D2 in fact is D1. Also, I couldn't operate both motors at the same time. Seems like the Data 2 is not receiving or is not enabled in the "Hall Sensor Connector - aka Molex connector". We tried with two firmwares. The one available in the products page, and the other you sent me sometime ago the link. Happens the same with both FW. Also, spinning the motor (#2) by hand doesnt change the values of Hall Counter in the Run Tab Chart. All procedures you gave to other user in the thread "FBL2350 how to connect wires spi interface with a motor equiped AS5145" I followed.

Is there any advise? Thanks.

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7 years 5 months ago #29531924 by niko

The datasheet seems to have error. Indeed D2 is in fact D1. We recently tested two micromotors in a single FBL2360 and it worked.

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