MBL 1660 Sinusoidal mode with Hall+ Enc does not work well

7 years 5 months ago #29532597 by Peters
I use a bldc motor (4 pole pairs) with encoder (20000 cnt/rev) in sinusoidal mode in open loop.
I drive the motor with a MBL 1660
Have a problem in Sinusoidal mode with Sinusoidal Angle sensor: Hall +Encoder.
I don't want the motor to rotate a bit in both directions to find its rotor position at power up. So Sinusoidal Angle sensor: Encoder is not an option.

Hall and Encoder count in the same direction and all settiing are correct.
It works fine in Trapezoidal mode but in Sinusosidal mode the no load motor current is much to high and different after each power up.
The current is a nice sine but it looks as if the rotor position/phase is not detected correct during first start up. The first few hall states are used for this init.

Is there anybody who has this working?
Or does this function not working at all due to a bug???


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