Magnetic Sensor does not connect directly to RoboteQ controller

7 years 5 months ago #29532665 by DFence
We have a project in the works that is loosely following this guide. There are a few concerns we have though.

The first is that the we are using the following equipment from roboteq:
As it turns out, these two hardware units do not have appropriate plug connections as the magnetic sensor has a 15 pin parallel connection and the controller has a 25 pin connector. Taking apart the magnetic sensors 15 pin connector to check which wires were being used shows that every single pin of the 15 is being utilised. We are able to reconnect the wires to our customised 25 pin connector that can also be used to interface with external sensors but we are not sure how the communication between the magnetic sensor and controller will be affected by removing certain wires.

According to this datasheet for the MGS1600GY, there is a Rx and Tx connection that can be utilised.

The question is whether we can just connect Rx, Tx, Power, and GND to the same pins (reversed for Rx,Tx) to the controller and the controller would understand what is connected. Also, if this was possible, would all functions such as tape detection, track position, left/right markers also work as normal?

If there is an easier way, feel free to let us know.

Thanks in advance.

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7 years 5 months ago #29532666 by blake
You will want to use the MagSensor's MultiPWM interface to communicate to the motor controller. This only requires a single connection from the sensor to one of the Pulse Inputs of the motor controller. Please see Section 5 (page 67) of our User Manual for more details.

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