component layout for testing motors

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component layout for testing motors was created by AFewSkroosLoose
Please see attached diagram. This is my first test set up to run the pc roborun utility and ensure my halls/phase wiring is correct. The R/C will not be in the picture for bench testing, but will be the primary signal for control after testing.

I am unclear on whether or not I need to do anything with the power control wire and associated ground. I watched the brushless motor/controller setup vids on the Roboteq Youtube channel, and it appeared that this input isnt necessarily required to operate the controller as it sources its power from the battery pack. Is there a benefit during bench testing to connecting the battery to the power control, rather than the vmot? I have also been through both the HBL2360 manual and the larger Roboteq controllers manual updated in October, and there are some diagrams suggesting back up battery and resistors and diodes, and I am wondering how imperative some of these items are or are not.

Am I understanding this correctly, or do I need to do something else with the power control? In the final install under R/C control, I plan to add R/C switch to operate power contactor to add in-line with the manual switch used in bench testing. The R/C set-up will incorporate fail-safe such that the contactor shuts off with loss of signal.

Is this a reasonable approach to responsible control of a 400-500 lb ground vehicle? The unit is geared low and top speed is only about 6 mph (as such, I have little worry of back-driven regen voltage exceeding 60 volts as I am running a 48 volt system). I suppose I am looking for general confirmation that I am going in the right direction with my design. I definitely would rather not blow up my new HBL2360, and I appreciate your patience with my questions.

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome and thank you.


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Hello Eli,

What you have now will absolutely allow you to drive your motors. We do recommend that you follow our recommended wiring diagram as closely as possible, as this includes circuitry specifically for safety shutoff and motor regeneration. For example the purpose of the reverse facing diode on the VMOT line in our wiring diagram is to allow a regenerative current to flow back into your battery.

You can find a description of Power Control and it's purpose beginning on page 24 of our User Manual
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